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It is an effective remedy for fluid retention.

Since it is diuretic, horsetail can increase urine secretion by 30%. Due to its content of potassium salts, flavonoids and saponides, it promotes urinary flow and is therefore recommended to solve fluid retention problems in general.

In view of this, it is frequently included as an alternative to mitigate genitourinary problems, such as those caused by kidney stones, cystitis, urinary infections, bladder and prostate inflammation.

It has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and cleansing effects.

It has proven to be a safe and effective anti-inflammatory, which together with its cleansing and detoxifying virtues, has become a natural solution to mediate rheumatic diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout, as it helps to eliminate excess uric acid and urea.

For the reason that it acts as a powerful diuretic, it is usually indicated for the elimination of toxins lodged in the liver and kidneys.

Helps improve hair, nails and skin.

When used in lotion or massage, it contributes to the regeneration of the scalp, prevents hair loss and combats dandruff. In addition, because it helps in the formation of collagen, it strengthens the nails and keeps them free of fungi and bacteria.

On the other hand, since it works as an astringent, antihemorrhagic and healing, its external application is customary in nosebleeds, on wounds, rashes, hives and itching, with good results.




There are several ways to consume horsetail herb, including:

Tea: The leaves and stems of the horsetail herb can be boiled to create a tea that has been used traditionally as a diuretic and to improve kidney health.

Supplement: The herb horsetail can be found in capsule or powder form, which can be used as a dietary supplement.

Cooking: Horsetail herb leaves and stems can be added to salad dishes or crushed and mixed with oil to create a dressing.

It is important to note that the herb horsetail can interact with certain medications, so it is recommended to consult a health professional before use. In addition, it has been shown that it can have toxic effects if consumed in large quantities, so its moderate consumption is recommended.

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The horsetail infusion is somewhat more unknown, or in fact it is not as popular as making an infusion of thyme or ginger tea, but the truth is that once you know all the properties of this plant, you will surely want to know how. prepare it and also how to take it, especially if you want to lose weight.


To take advantage of the draining and slimming effects and the rest of the benefits and properties of this plant, it is very easy to prepare an infusion of horsetail, you only need the necessary amounts and follow the steps that we list:


  • 4 tablespoons horsetail leaves, fresh or dried

  • 1 liter of water

To make the horsetail infusion well, you have to boil a liter of water. Next, infuse the horsetail leaves for about ten minutes.

After that time, your mixture should be carefully filtered before drinking it.

The horsetail infusion can be taken as desired, although it is recommended to make it hot and also from the recipe that we have listed, and which is usually the one used to lose weight, it is recommended that it be taken daily and also, at a rate of 4 cups a day.

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